What paintless dent repair tools do we use?

Here at Dentshifter, we use a wide variety of Paintless Dent Repair Tools to quickly and efficiently complete the dent restoration on your car. In this article we describe what happened when we were called out and compleated a recent Paintless Dent Restore Liverpool

DentShifter were recently called to do a Paintless Dent Repair up in Liverpool, nothing out of the ordinary there as we are now completing Paintless dent removal Liverpool services every day.

Paintless dent repair

In addition to working with car owners we also work with several Liverpool specialist bodyshops and accident repair centres where they use our mobile and paintless dent removal services for their customers .

Whilst in Liverpool I was asked to repair/restore a dent to an Aston Martin bonnet, the customer was unlucky enough to knock a piece of wood over in his garage that unfortunately for him put a quite nasty dent in the aluminium bonnet of his prestige car and his pride and Joy.

The customer was very interested in the way we restored the dent in his car, it turned out that he was a senior executive with a large steel stockholding company and understanding the difficulty in restoring aluminium (Aston Martin Bonnet) he was curious about the tools we used.

What are the tools we use important to you?

To keep our costs down it is very important that we are efficient and provide a great quality service, I explained that we source tools from the best manufacturers and in this instance the best tools in our opinion were manufactured in America. PDR Tooling in the UK seems to be in its infancy and we oftern source tools from overseas.

At DentShifter we take pride in the work that we do, for our local customers, we strive to use the best quality tools on the market, even if it does prove costly to purchase from overseas, we see it as an investment in our business and also using fail safe tooling is vital in our customer relationships.

Lots of the American tool companies are constantly pushing the boundaries with new ideas and tool designs, whether it be the new super strong glue’s that have recently hit the market that are used for glue pulling techniques, or the introduction of a new cordless light that runs on rechargeable batteries. One of my own favourites that help enormously in the dent repair technique is the adjustable handle, this greatly reduces any stress and strain an wrists and shoulder joints as it enables the handles to be moved around into more forgiving positions.

Here at DentShifter we monitor all these new introductions with a keen interest, as any new tooling or technique’s that have been developed that can make the dent repair process easier is always worth the investment, helping to get a first class quality repair is always paramount to what we want to achieve.

The results speak for themselves, here is what one of our customers recently said about DentShifter:

Paul repaired 6 dents in my car, one of them being a crease, EXCELLENT service, A LOT of knowledge and an EXTREMELY pleasant man!!

Kyle Watson

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