Dent Repair before and after in Crewe

What is Dent Removal?

Dent Removal – The art behind the magic.

A wide range of people don’t actually know what dent removal is, so don’t feel like you’re alone if you don’t know! Here at DentShifter we like to think that dent removal is a little bit like magic, with a bit of practice and taking care on each of our “acts” we magically make dents disappear, using only the most prestigious and effective methods, of course with the combined effort of our quality tools.

How do you perform Dent Removal on a vehicle?

 DentShifter’s repairs do not require the use of fillers, paints or chemicals. This actually enables you to keep the original factory paint. This means your car retains it’s integrity and it’s value. We use a fine blend of experience, specialist precision tools and lighting, ensuring dents are removed from each dented panel by a combination of pushing, pulling, tapping and blending until the panel is restored to its original condition. Customers of DentShifter have noticed the amount of effort, pride and enthusiasm that has gone into their dent removal, and have even complimented DentShifter’s work by noting how the bodywork is back to new condition. 

But is Dent Removal worth the hassle and cost?

 Restoring your cars’ dents or dings in this way is often the quickest method of repair. It eliminates the need for filling and painting, which means the repairs can be made within a few hours. Removing dents this way can ultimately help to restore the value of your vehicle for the fraction of the cost of a conventional full body shop repair and paint. DentShifter only offers a mobile dent removal service, so you don’t have to travel, and we work around your schedule. Typically the cost of dent removal is below the average insurance excess charge, making it a perfect method for saving money, hassle and time.

If DentShifter sounds like the right company for you then give us a call on 07747 871289, email us at or fill in our contact form here.

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